What’s the best Massage Cushion?

Regular relaxation is an important part of our health and well-being. It reduces stress and promotes health, but visiting a salon regularly can be very expensive on long term. That’s why most of us have to look for affordable alternatives and while massage chairs are definitely cheaper on long term, most of them still cost more than $1000 and they are not portable.

Massage cushions are a great alternative to usually expensive zero gravity massage chairs. Technology is constantly evolving and luckily we live in an era where we can afford some of the best massage cushions for a low price. They only weight 30 lbs on average, which makes them portable enough so you can carry them around wherever you want.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Massage Cushions:


Benefits of using Massage Cushions:

Benefits of regular relaxation have been well researched. It reduces stress, which is a primary reason for many illnesses nowadays. We all live a fast pace of life and we just don’t have the spare time for proper relaxation. Here are some of the most important benefits of massage cushions:

They are portable – Zero gravity chairs are great devices for full body massage, but they are not portable. Cushions are a great alternative because they can be carried around without asking your neighbors for help. You can plug most of them in your car, so you can enjoy benefits of relaxation even while you are driving to work.

They are cheap – Full body massage in salon costs about $100 on average. That means if you visit a salon couple of times, you will spend more money than buying one of the world’s best massage cushions. If we compare their price to zero gravity chairs, they cost 90{69a313b59788d8bebaed94b30e26c83fc37d93762a8194c2f7dca69894004b59} less on average.

They offer several massage styles – Just like massage chairs, cushions offer several types of massages. From soft Swedish to deep Shiatsu style, recent developments of technology made it all possible.

You can use them anytime you want – One of the main problems of massage salons is that you have to make an appointment. Today’s modern lifestyle is just to fast and there are too many things to do. If you have to make an appointment, you have to follow the schedule, and that is just one more stress in your life.

Top 5 Massage Cushion Reviews:

All products listed below are a great buy, but most of it comes down to personal preference. We have made this list based on numerous real customer testimonials throughout the internet, their price and lists of features, so you don’t have to spend hours of searching by yourself.

HoMedics MCS-510H

MCS-510H is another product of HoMedics brand that managed to get on our top 5 list. If you would like to know more about HoMedics cushions, you can check our reviews here.

MCS-510H comes with 4 independent massage nodes which can be adjusted by width, so they can offer the best massage experience for all body types. There are 3 massage styles to choose from (deep kneading Shiatsu, Rolling and Spot). Spot massage focuses on a certain spot with a press on a “hold” button on remote controller.

With MCS-510H you can also target different areas on your back (upper, middle, or lower back), or you can go for full back massage as well. Right now there is a special discount with free shipping available, so make sure you check out the current pricing details.

Zyllion ZMA-14

]Before we ranked Zyllion ZMA on our list, we have went through more than 100 real positive customer reviews throughout the internet and we must say that it really deserves a spot on our top 5 list.

ZMA-14 features 8 massage nodes, which is pretty amazing for any product in this price range. There are 2 main massage styles to choose from, deep kneading Shiatsu and Rolling massage. Combined with 3 vibration intensity levels and variety of different programs, everyone can find the ultimate experience with ZMA-14.

It comes with UL approved power adapter which works with most electrical outlets (110-120V and 220-240V). Speaking about stress, Zyllion offers 12-month warranty on ZMA-14, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

HoMedics QRM-400

HoMedics is one of the most popular massage cushion brands in the world. They have several products listed on our ultimate list because of their quality and popularity.

QRM-400 features 2 styles (Shiatsu and Rolling) and astonishing 6 different massage programs to choose from (full, lower, upper back, and rolling massage for each mode), which makes it one of the best devices in this price range in the world.

It features 4 independent rollers with adjustable width, which move up and down the back and target the most important areas. There is a special “hold” function, which can hold the rollers on the exact ideal spot of your back for even better muscle relief. It also comes with a remote controller which is easy to use.

The Sharper Image Shiatsu Cushion

The Sharper Image cushion is the most affordable product that doesn’t lack important features. With current 40{69a313b59788d8bebaed94b30e26c83fc37d93762a8194c2f7dca69894004b59} discount and free shipping available, it would be a sin not to rank it on our list of recommendations.

It comes with an attractive black design and it only weights 8 lbs, so it’s easy to carry around. There are 2 styles to choose from (Shiatsu and Rolling) with soothing heat for even better muscle stress relief. HoMedics has made a licensing agreement with The Sharper Image, so its quality shouldn’t be an issue.

It offers everything you could expect from medium-priced massage cushions. Heating can be turn on and off with a single press on a button and it also comes with adjustable width, so it fits most body styles.

The Sharper Image MSI-CS775H

]The Sharper Image has made a licensing agreement with HoMedics, so many of Homedics latest cushions are sold through Sharper Image brand. MSI-CS775H comes with 2 Shiatsu nodes which provide amazing deep kneading massage.

It comes with optional soothing heat function, which enhances massage experience even further. There are 3 intensity levels and 3 programs to choose from, so everyone can find the perfect massage for a special occasion.

Right now there is a 50{69a313b59788d8bebaed94b30e26c83fc37d93762a8194c2f7dca69894004b59} discount with free shipping available, so if you decide to go vor MSI-CD755H, this is a great opportunity.


All of the products we have listed come with 12+ month warranty and they provide at least 2 massage styles for a fraction of a price compared to expensive zero gravity chairs. Massage cushions are becoming more and more popular and they will probably become even more affordable in the future. The most expensive one costs less than $200, so they are a great and affordable investment into your healthier future without stress.

Do you already own one? You are welcome to share your experience with us in the comments section down below!