Pros: HoMedics Inc is one of the leading and most popular manufacturers of massage, relaxation and wellness products for home use. It's a company with trust and over 25 years of experience and it really shows in their worldwide popularity and thousands of positive user reviews.
Cons: There isn't much negative to say about HoMedics. Maybe some of their products come with a spicy price.

The HoMedics is a company that focuses on massage cushion more or less, and their products are sold all over the world. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a fortune for the best massage chair, cushions (also called massage pads, toppers, seat cushions) can be a great alternative that only cost a fraction of a price.

We have listed some of the most popular and the best products from HoMedics with reviews down below!

Ultimate Guide to Homedics Massage Cushions


Top 3 HoMedics Massage Cushions Reviews

All of the products listed below will do the job perfectly fine, but most of it comes down to personal preference and budget. We have made our list based on hundreds of customer reviews that we were able to find on the internet, their list of features, and overall ratings.

#1 HoMedics QRM-400

The QRM-400 is one of the most advanced and the very best massage cushions from HoMedics. It provides the luxury of some of the most advanced massage chairs out there for a fraction of the cost. It comes with standard 2-year warranty, which is still 2x more than what you get with an average product in this category. What makes QRM-400 the most advanced cushion from HoMedics is 6 different preset programs to chose from and the advanced quad-roller mechanism – 2 rollers on each arm that move up and down through the back with heat.

If you are a fan of shiatsu or rolling massage, the QRM-400 will cover them both. They can also be concentrated on upper or lower back if needed. Most users find it very easy to setup and one thing we like the most, is its advanced remote controller which has a hold button on it. It provides the power to hold massaging action on the exact spot you want it until you get the relief you want.

#2 HoMedics MCS-510H

The MCS-510H is second on our list and a great alternative to expensive massage pads. It’s quite affordable and it looks great in our opinion. It offers 3 different massage styles to choose from – Kneading (deep), Rolling (gentle) and Spot (focused).

Adjustable system guarantees it will fit on most chairs in your apartment and just like the QRM-400 model, it has a hold option that stops massage movements at any time and focuses on a single muscle until you achieve the maximum relief.

#3 Homedics MCS-210H

Finally, The MCS-210H is third on our list. Main reason why it managed to take one of our top spots, is its very competitive price. It’s one of the most affordable massage cushions that we have reviewed on our website so far, and it’s a great healthcare product for reducing muscle pains.

It uses two shiatsu nodes which travel up and down for a perfect back relaxation. Although it doesn’t offer as much features as some of the best massage cushions out there, but it has 3 different setups and an advanced HoMedics remote controller, which is still much more than what you get from a similar products in this price range.


HoMedics is a company with trust, so there’s no need of discussing about quality of their products. Their massage cushions are among the most popular ones in the world, so they are our first choice for recommendations.