Pros: One of those massage chairs that don't make you break the bank. It is so affordable that it's one of the best alternatives to the top-end expensive massage products in our opinion. It offers full body massage treatment with unlimited different settings just like any much more expensive product.
Cons: None (considering its affordable price).

Massage chairs offer variety of benefits for our health and well-being, but most of them have one problem in common and that is their price. Top-end models like Inada Sogno and Infinity Iyashi can cost several thousand dollars, so not many people can afford them. But luckily there are budget-friendlier alternatives.

Our ultimate Titan Ti-7800 Review:

The Titan Ti-7800 is a product of well known Osaki brand. It is one of those rare zero gravity massage chairs that are affordable, but don’t fall much behind products from much higher price range. It is one of the best massage chairs in its price range, and there aren’t many cons you could find about it.

Considering the average cost of full body massage treatment, Ti-7800 cost less than visiting a spa 20 times.

List of Features:

Zero gravity position – Benefits of zero gravity position have been well researched. It distributes user’s weight across the whole surface and that’s why NASA astronauts sit in this position during their takeoff with space shuttle. Weightlessness is one of a kind experience and an important feature of every advanced massage chair.

Different massage types – Many affordable models don’t offer enough massage types and programs. Ti-7800 is not one of them because it provides 6 different massage styles (Kneading, Taping, Kneading+Taping, Shiatsu, Palm and Punching). Combined with 4 different preset programs (Weightless, Neck and Waist, Night time and Stretching) and different intensity levels, it could easily stand in much higher price range.

Head air massage – It comes equipped with head massager, which is very unique feature and certainly a big bonus. Airbag band is placed around forehead and produces gentle squeezes to imitate feel of human hands and palms. It’s definitely a feature that should become a standard of all massage chairs in few years.

Arm massage – Ti-7800 comes with 2 separate arm massagers and each one has 4 airbags. They provide an effective massage experience to forearms and wrists and they are designed to imitate the feel of human hands.

Foot and calf massage – There are 16 airbags in foot and calf area. Each one is placed at the optimal position to provide effective massage on most vital muscle areas. Intensity of the pressure can be easily controlled by advanced remote controller.

Design – There are 4 attractive and modern designs to choose from (Black, Brown, Ivory and Taupe) and we love them all. It’s a choice of preference, but most people will enjoy its futuristic and attractive design.

Warranty – It comes with 3-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any faulty material or parts.  Many affordable massage chairs only come with 12-month warranty, so Ti-7800 is a winner in this area.

Where to Buy and What’s the price?


List of Technical Specs:

  • Massage Tracking – 21.65”
  • Zero gravity angle – 100 – 158 degrees
  • Angle of footrest – 0 -147 degrees
  • Time setting – 5-30 minute (automatic power off)
  • Dimensions – 28.74” x 47.24” x 47.24”
  • Reclined dimensions – 28.74” x 70.87” x 70.87”
  • Power consumption – 150 Watts
  • Weight – 181 lbs
  • Warranty – 3 year


The Titan Ti-7800 is one of those massage chairs that could come with much spicier price and still get praises with high ratings (just like Fujita KN9003). It offers everything you could expect from any massage product and it comes with a quite affordable price.

Its larger size is the only con we could find about it, but zero gravity chairs are simply not designed to be carried around like massage cushions. Should that worry you? Certainly not.

Do you already own one? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section down below!