Pros: Limited edition massage chair from one of the brands with highest reputation among millions of customers. The EP30007 comes in modern design and it features advanced Junetsu massage technique, quad-style technology, 5 auto programs and 8 manual operations. Great shipping deal available.
Cons: Limited edition, so it might get sold out soon.

We have reviewed quite a few Panasonic massage chairs on our website in the past, but EP30007 is definitely the best one until this date. It’s almost the same as its predecessor EP30006 with 1 upgrade – dark faux wood inlay on top of the arms.

On top of that, it is manufactured in limited quantity and it’s cheaper. If you are looking for one of the best Panasonic massage chairs on the market, this one might be a perfect bargain at this moment.

Pricing and Shipping:

If you don’t want to visit a store and you don’t own a pickup truck, you can buy it online and have it delivered right in front of your doorstep.

Ultimate Panasonic EP30007 Review:

A rare downside of this massage chair is that it only comes in 1 single design – leather black with dark wood finish on armrests. We believe that it looks great and it can fit easily into any modern office or living room, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.

List of Features:

Junetsu massage technology. Junetsu is a Japanese word for “ultra fine kneading”. Panasonic have incorporated this technology into EP+ series and it’s basically an imitation of one-second circular thumb movements of professional masseurs. Junetsu is proven to

5 auto programs. EP30007 offers 5 auto programs and they can be compared to most top-end massage chairs which can cost several thousand dollars more. Auto programs include Shiatsu (firm massage with squeezing and finger pressure), Deep (slow kneading massage for relaxing muscles), Swedish (softer and slow massage for tired body) , Stretch, and Quick (combo 5-minute massage).

Body scan technology. EP30007 features an advanced 3D body scan technology which delivers a 100{69a313b59788d8bebaed94b30e26c83fc37d93762a8194c2f7dca69894004b59} personalized massage. It only takes about 20 seconds for pressure sensors to accurately measure your spine and adjust all the settings to provide the most efficient massage possible.

Adjustable intensity. All massage programs can be adjusted quite easily through included remote controller. It is easy to use and there are also a LED screen and a Voice Guide for even easier operation.

List of Technical Specs:

  • Modern and sleek design (black leather with wood finish on armrests).
  • Limited series.
  • 170° recline.
  • Advanced Junetsu Massage Technique.
  • Advanced Quad-Style Technology.
  • 5 Auto Programs – Shiatsu, Deep, Swedish, Stretch, and Quick.
  • ACA (American Chiropractic Association) approved.
  • Made in Japan.

More info:

For more information, customer testimonials, reviews, and complete list of features, check it out on Amazon!


There’s no need to mention that Panasonic is a brand with established reputation among millions of consumers from all over the world. They are known for their innovative and modern products and they have a multi-billion dollar technology behind them.

Is EP30007 the right massage chair for you? It’s up to you.