Pros: Iyashi stands out with its futuristic and modern design. It features the longest massage roller reach out of all massage chairs on the market, and a wide range of features that could satisfy even those customers with highest demands. If you can't live without music, Iyashi has some of the best in-built speakers on the market right now.
Cons: Above average price.

Infinity Iyashi is the best looking massage chair in the world in our opinion. Infinity decided not to go for classic design like most other companies, and they didn’t try to hide that Iyashi is a modern and advanced massage chair that should look sophisticated and futuristic.

Pricing and Shipping:

Although Iyashi is one of the top-end massage chairs when it comes to price, it’s still quite a good bargain in our opinion.

You can order one online and have it delivered right in front of your doorstep.

Our Ultimate Infinity Iyashi Review:

If you are looking for the best massage product in the world and your budget is not a problem, than Infinity Iyashi certainly should come into consideration. It is right there with Inada Sogno, Fujita KN9003 and other highly advanced products in this price range.

One thing we would like to highlight right at the start is the Bluetooth connectivity module. If you are a fan of music, this is a feature that will convince you right away. You can connect Iyashi to your Android or Apple device, and play your favorite music through high quality in-built speakers. Synchronic massage program will automatically detect type of your music and sync massage program to its rhythm. Pretty cool, right?

List of Top Features:

6 auto massage programs – It features 6 different pre-set massage programs to choose from (Kneading,  Tapping, Knocking, Synchronic, Shiatsu and Combination). Combined with intensity levels, it offers numerous different massages, so everyone can find the right one.

2 zero gravity positions – Iyashi offers 2 zero gravity positions to choose from, so everyone will find one that feels better. Benefits of this position have been well researched and I’m sure you have seen NASA astronauts sitting in this position while taking off with a space shuttle.

Longest massage roller reach – A feature that really stands out is Iyashi’s massage roller. It is built on an L-shaped track which is 49 inches long, which makes it the longest roller out of all massage chairs currently on the market.

Design – It comes in 3 different designs to choose from (Black&White, White&Berry Red and White&Caramel). Props to Infinity for not trying to create a classic look like most other companies. It is an advanced massage chair and its futuristic and modern design just couldn’t be better. It kind of looks like it would came from Transformers movie and in our opinion it’s one of the best looking massage products in the world.

Bluetooth connectivity – If you can’t imagine life without music, Iyashi offers a solution. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect it to your audio device or your smartphone, and enjoy endless hours of relaxation while listening to your favorite songs. There is also a Synchronic massage program which syncs massage rhythm to your music for even better experience.

Warranty – Iyashi comes with 3-year warranty by manufacturer on parts and labor, so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong with it. Warranty can also be upgraded for a small fee.

Where to Buy it and What’s the Price?

Unfortunately all top-end zero gravity massage chairs come with a spicy price and Infinity Iyashi is no exception.

List of Technical Specs:

  • Suggested user height – 5’0” – 6’5”
  • Max user weight – 285 lbs
  • Product weight – 285 lbs
  • Motors – 8
  • Auto massage programs – 6
  • 49 inch roller stroke
  • Number of airbags – 38
  • Dimensions – 60” (L) x 33” (W) x 45” (H). Reclined – 72” (L) x 33” (W) x 34” (H)


Only downside of Infinity Iyashi we could find is its above average price which can really turn some people off. But if you want the absolute best massage chair on the market, the Iyashi is definitely ranked on that list with some other top-end massage products.

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