Pros: One of the top rated massage chairs in the affordable price range on our website. It comes with 3 Auto massage modes and it's relatively light and small, so it's easy to move it around the house.
Cons: Doesn't have leg massage features like most similar products.

Regular relaxation reduces stress, improves blood circulation, and has many other benefits for our health. Zero gravity massage chairs are recommended by many doctors throughout the world, but most of them have one big problem that can turn some people away – a price tag, which is often too high.

Most people have to look for affordable alternatives, and Human Touch iJoy-2580 is definitely one of the best options that come with a quite affordable price. If you are looking for more similarly priced products, you can check out our list of zero gravity chairs below $1000.

Our HT iJoy-2580 Review:

Human Touch company has been known for their innovative healthcare products which make it one of the leading providers of massage chairs in the world. They have been around for more than 30 years and they have many patented technologies. For a quick review, watch the official video presentation down below.

List of Features:

3 Auto Programs – It comes with 3 invigorating auto massage programs to choose from. They are designed especially for relieving stress from particular parts of body, so you can always find the right one for a certain need, whether you want to refresh your entire back, your neck and shoulders, or if you want a simple muscle relief in your lower back.

Zero gravity recline – Angle of this massage chair can be adjusted with a simple push of a button. It can be reclined from 113 to 165 degrees, so you can recline it slowly until you find the perfect angle for your favorite massage.

Built-in control panel – iJoy 2580 doesn’t have remote controller, but its in-built control panel is just as useful and always at the reach of your hands. It is placed on the left armrest and you can use your fingertips for complete control and switching between preset programs.

Removable softening pads – Unfortunately iJoy 2580 doesn’t have pre-programmed intensity levels, but softening pads can be removed, so you can easily control massage intensity.

Design – It comes in 2 different designs to choose from – Black and Espresso. iJoy2580 is also very small and light compared to other zero gravity massage chair, so it can be moved around.

Other features – One thing we like about iJoy 2580, is the cup holder. It is placed on the right armrest, so you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee or a glass of wine while enjoying a massage treatment.

Warranty – iJoy2580 comes with 90-days in-home service, 1-year warranty on parts, and 2-year structural warranty.

Where to Buy and What’s the Price?


List of Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions – 44” (L) x 35” (W) x 40” (H)
  • Weight – 88 lbs
  • Distance to Wall – 11.5”
  • Seat Width – 18”
  • Massage Robot – 2 motor, Quad Roller
  • Range Control – 24”
  • Recline operation – Power
  • Recline Angle – 113 – 165 degrees
  • Auto Shut-Off function – 15 minutes
  • Limited Warranty: 3-year structural, 1-year parts, 90- day in Home Service warranty


Innovative, affordable and effective. These are the 3 words we need to describe Human Touch products. iJoy 2580 is highly rated on every review website out there, but the reason we rated it with only 4 stars, is the lack of leg massage options. Should that turn you away from it? Definitely not.

Do you already own one? Share your review with us in comments section down below!