Reviews of the best Massage Chairs Under $1000 Dollars

Top-end zero gravity massage chairs are probably the ultimate investment you can make for your healthier lifestyle and your future. Their benefits have been well researched and there really isn’t anything like a proper relaxation after long days of work.

There is only one problem that can turn most people away from buying top-end devices like Inada Sogno Dreamwave – it’s their expensive price. Many of them cost more than $5000, so not many of us can afford them. Massage cushions are great and cheap alternatives to zero gravity chairs, but what if we want a real thing and we only have $1000 to spend?

List of Massage Chairs under $1000 with Reviews:


Top Massage Chairs under $1000 Reviews:

We have spent hours of researching and analyzing hundreds of affordable massage chairs throughout the internet, so you don’t have to. All of the products listed below feature zero gravity position and all of them are great buys in our opinion, but the final decision is yours.

Please note – When we made this list, all of these products costed up to $1100 with available discounts included, so if by any chance prices get higher, we will try to update this list as soon as possible.

BestMassage EC-06

BestMassage is a manufacturer of premium healthcare products in affordable price range. EC06 is one of their most popular massage chairs because it offers most of the features you could expect from products in much higher price range.

It offers full benefits of Shiatsu massage without spending enormous amounts of money. There are 4 auto programs to choose from (Recovery, Extend, Relax, and Refresh) with variety of functions (Rolling, Kneading, Compression & Percussion, and Chop Action Tapping & Flapping).

EC06 uses 30 airbags and vibrators, so you can be sure to get the maximum massage coverage money can buy for $1000.

BestMassage EC9

It’s not a secret that BestMassage® is one of the best brands that produce reasonably affordable massage chairs, so it’s not a coincidence that several of their products managed to get into our list.

It features everything you could expect from a product in this price range and that’s the main reason why it has hundreds of positive reviews throughout the internet. It comes in 3 attractive designs (Black, Brown and Burgundy) and multiple different massage settings to choose from, so everyone can find the right one for his needs.

Right now there is a limited-time offer available which makes it one of the best buys at this moment.

Inner Balance Wellness ZG571

Despite the fact that it comes with only 1 available design, ZG571 is the best-looking futuristic, but elegant zero gravity chair on our $1000 list.

It offers fully adjustable zero gravity recline (up to 130 degrees) with a single touch on a button. There are 3 auto massage programs (Tai Chi, Trim and Twist) and 3 manual massage modes (Stretch, Neck and Vibration) to choose from.

ZG570 is very easy to use and it comes with user-friendly remote controller.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

iJoy-2580 is a very high rated massage chair from Human Touch company, and there is only one reason why it hasn’t get higher in our list – it doesn’t have foot massage options. But on the other hand, it’s very light for a massage chair, so you can move it around your apartment without asking your neighbours for help.

iJoy 2580 comes in 2 different designs – black and espresso. It offers 3 different back massage programs to choose from – kneading, rolling, and percussion & compression with 15 minute auto shut-off function. It’s one of the best healthcare products money can buy without breaking the bank.

Another feature that makes it unique, is its low position that is very close to the ground. We went through several customer testimonials and we couldn’t find any complain about its position, so there is nothing to worry about.

Your turn

When you are looking for the best massage chair, you should ask yourself how much are you willing to spend. If money is not an issue, then top-end zero gravity chairs are your perfect choice and an ultimate investment you can make for your healthy future without stress.

If you want to read our ultimate reviews of each massage chair, you can find them in our reviews section. Do you already own one of these products? Share your experience with us in comments section down below!